How To Move To Canada As A Skilled Worker

Moving to another country permanently is usually a difficult decision to make.  It seems simple, but the moment you start looking at your options, it tends to become very complicated.  In the past year or so moving to Canada has become a more popular topic than ever before.  So for those people who may be interested, I would like to explain one program under which people can move to Canada - the Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry program.

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What the Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry program does is allow people that are considered sufficiently skilled and experienced in certain occupations to come and settle in Canada.  It relies primarily on a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) developed by Immigration and Citizenship Canada.

The CRS is a point system that gives immigration candidates a certain amount of points for their age, education, language ability and work experience.  The scale ranges from 0-1200 points, but in reality most people that apply are somewhere between 300 and 450.

Every application to the Express Entry system gets put into a pool.  In 2016, 33,782 people from that pool were invited to immigrate to Canada.  The way they were chosen is by being ranked against one another. The candidates with the most points were given an invitation.

In the most recent draw by Immigration and Citizenship Canada, the cut-off point above which people got an invitation was 413 points (If you are curious what this means in actual criteria, there is a handy tool here to let you plug in information and come up with a number). Most people in the pool did not meet this number.

So, how does one improve their score and qualify to come to Canada?

One way is improving in one of the official languages (English and French).  Better test scores on language tests like IELTS (International English Language Testing System) lead directly to a higher score.  But the gains you can make in just your language score usually do not put people over the top.

Another is to have a good job offer in Canada.  This gives you an extra 50 points (and in some cases, if it’s an extremely good job, 200 points).  But if you’re qualifying for that good of a job already, you probably don’t need help getting over the 413 point hump anyways.

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