Study in Canada: Canada speeds up student visa process for Indian students, now get visa in 45 days

If you wish to Study in Canada, there is good news for you. The latest policy changes by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, IRCC now makes Canadian Study permit easier for Indian students. Read on.

Canada speeds up student visa process for Indian Students |Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Dream of Indian students to study in Canada now becomes easier than before. Already a popular destination for Indian students, Canada has now made the process simpler and easier for the candidates who are applying for Canada Student Visas. As per the new policy implemented by the Canadian Immigration, it would now take only about 45 days for Indian students to get their student visa for Canada, thus making Study in Canada a more lucrative option.

A simpler and faster visa processing mechanism has been implemented by the Canadian Government for students from India, China, Vietna and Phillippines. As per the data available, the maximum number of students applying for study abroad is from China followed by India. As such, USA continues to be the top destination. However, the recent trends have shown a strong increase in preference for Canada as a study destination for Indians.

As per various study abroad consultants, the increasing concerns over H1B visas and the on-going political uncertainty under Trump administration has pushed Indian students more towards Canada. While Canada used to be a second option, only if USA did not materialize, many students are now thinking Canada first. This move by the CIC would further help accelerate the number of students planning to Study in Canada.

Students from India have now the option of applying for Study Permit for Canada or the Student Visa for Canada under the newly introduce Student Direct Stream program. The SDS program is a step up from the previous Student Partner Programs, SPP.

A similar program or the Student Partners Program or SPP was available to students under reduced documentation for visas for about 40 institutes. However, the SDS is more inclusive and effectively reduced the processing time from 60 days to 45 days. The program has been initiated by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), which is the Canadian government’s immigration division. The SDS was introduced in early June, 2018.

Consultants believe that this would further increase the number of students applying for colleges in Canada. Already, 2017 has seen a 58% increase in the number of students obtaining study permits for Canada. Experts point out that the announcement at almost the same time as UK Government’s decision to exclude Indian students from easier visa norms and increasing protectionism in USA would further proper more students towards Canada.

Ontario-based Talha Mohani, immigration law specialist and managing director at Migration Bureau Corp, spoke to TOI regarding the SDS program, explaining the process of how the same would work. The requirements for SDS, essentially remain the same as that for SPP or a Study Permit to Canada. Students would have to provide proof of financial lucidity by means of purchasing a bond of $10,000 for one year of study stay in the country as well as language proficiency to apply for the visa.

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