Top Passports by Investment for 2019

The concept of Citizenship by investment was first born in the twin island of federation of St Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean in 1984.  It took thirty five years for the number of  citizenship by investment programs  to grow from just one to thirteen schemes in 2019. The demand for citizenship by investment and the need for second passports among HNW families grow by 25% every year.

There are subtle differences exist between Economic citizenship and Citizenship by investment and one should not be confused with another. Many also confuse golden visas with citizenship.

  • Economic citizenship is not citizenship by investment

  • Golden visas does not offer passports and is not citizenship by investment

Economic citizenship

Economic citizenship can be obtained by foreigners for involving in economic activity and then naturalize for citizenship according to the existing citizenship laws of country. Citizenship may take several years requiring full integration, speaking language etc.

Citizenship by Investment

 Citizenship by investment schemes offer immediate citizenship within few months to a year to foreign investors against pre-defined investment activities such as (contribution to sovereign fund, real estate, business). Separate Citizenship by Investment Acts are enacted by countries  in a transparent and structured way, and the CBI funds are used in socio-welfare and economic development projects.

Citizenship by Investment Laws fully allow dual citizenship

Economic residency

Economic residence programs  offer permanent or temporary residency with full path to citizenship. Acceptable investment activities include real estate, government bonds or debts, business capital creating jobs. Golden visas are excellent example of such economic residence by investment (RBI) schemes

The citizenship by investment industry is expected to hit $10 billion annually by 2025.

We have compiled below 13 official citizenship by investment schemes actively running worldwide with official references.